5 steps makeup to cover up blemishes like they never existed.

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Putting on makeup is like putting on clothes. If you don’t wear it, it looks pornographic. because of makeup If you don’t add some color to your face Our faces would be dull. Totally lacking in life. Especially if any woman has dark spots, blemishes or acne marks. My confidence disappeared so completely that I almost didn’t want to leave the house.

The problem of blemishes, acne, and dark spots is, of course, difficult to cure them in just one day. During the treatment period, the girls Therefore, I often have to face the problem of not having smooth, clean skin. One way to help get your confidence back. It is to use foundation before applying makeup to conceal these problem marks, which makes makeup look smooth. Can’t see any traces. You must learn how to apply makeup correctly. Including selecting products that are appropriate for the facial skin as well.

To get naturally smooth results without making the blemish problem worse. Of course, UFABET also has good techniques for applying makeup to cover up blemishes. Let’s tell each other again as always.

Prepare your skin: The first step is to prepare your skin. Start by washing your face with water or a gentle facial cleansing foam. Then apply serum or moisturizer to add moisture to the skin. And as you know, sunlight is the main stimulant that causes blemishes. Therefore, it is very important to protect your skin from the sun by applying sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher to protect your skin from UV rays and prevent further blemishes.

Apply foundation: After preparing the skin The next step is to apply foundation . It is important to choose foundation that matches your skin tone or is slightly darker. Then use a sponge or brush to spread the foundation all over your face. And you will have to reapply foundation to areas with blemishes to add more seamless coverage.

Apply concealer: In addition to the foundation Another important product is concealer. It is recommended to choose a concealer with a yellow or orange shade. To help hide brown blemishes. Including choosing to use a cream texture so that it’s easy to spread and doesn’t make the skin dry and tight. By applying concealer, use a brush or sponge to touch the concealer. Then apply it to the area with blemishes. Then spread it smooth. 

Set the skin with loose powder: The next step is to set the skin. You should choose loose powder that is suitable for your skin type. And there are ingredients that help control oil to prevent oily skin and make blemishes look more pronounced. Then use a puff or brush to tap the loose powder and lightly press it onto the skin. Focusing on setting the area with blemishes to make the makeup last long and cover the blemishes well. And if you want more coverage You can apply loose powder again. 

Put on makeup as usual: After applying makeup to conceal blemishes The skin will be smooth and no blemishes visible. Continue with the normal makeup steps. Whether it’s eye makeup, lip paint, and blush. He added that you should avoid using cosmetics that contain perfume or alcohol. Because it may irritate the skin and make the blemish problem worse.