Inter Milan is ready to give “Lukaku” a chance, but don’t forget

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Inter Milan’s ultra-fans have confirmed they are ready to give Romelu Lukaku a chance but will not forget the betrayal of the player.

The Belgian international striker left San Siro to join Chelsea for £97.5 million after helping the team to the trophy last summer. Which creates a lot of dissatisfaction with the fans,

but Lukaku does not perform well in the good field. Plus, this striker also revealed that he wanted to return to Inter at the end of last year. Which is an issue that creates a rift between him and Thomas Tuchel,

most recently reported that “Python” reached an agreement with “Sing the Blues” to take Lukaku back on loan. A group of Ultra fans insist they are ready to give the 29-year-old a chance, but will not forget his betrayal last year. The UFABET report

“Kerva Nord will support Inter and will not stand against the players,” they posted on Instagram.

“No one will approach him with a scarf and a flag from Kerva, whatever will happen to him. It was something he had to build with humility and sweat on the pitch.”

“He was always supported and treated like a king. But now he is just like everyone else. We will not cheer Lukaku if he wears Inter’s shirt again.

“We will remember Lukaku’s betrayal and we are very disappointed. These things may be pardoned over time. but it will remain.”