Patrice is in pain. The ghost ignores “Conte”.

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Former Manchester United striker Patrice Evra has admitted he was hurt by his former club’s rejection of Antonio Conte, who

had been linked with the Italian during Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s time. The results were disappointing until the news that they may be sacked

, but Tottenham Hotspur was on the side, with Conte in charge of the army before United sacked Solskjaer, causing them to have to Drew Ralph Rangnick out of the army and ultimately ended up with Erik ten Hag, Evra

Admitted he was disappointed that United did not bring Conte, who is on the same level as Jurgen Klopp and Pep. Guardiola, coming to the army

: “I’m really hurt because I think Conte, Klopp and Guardiola are the best managers in the world right now. And we should have brought him to Manchester United,” he told The UFABET .

“But some people at the club see ‘He’s not our style. It’s not what we’re looking for

. ‘ I’m ready to support When you bring in people as Manchester United manager, I’m here to support you.”

Evra also expressed confidence that Conte is good enough to make a difference.

“It’s very disappointing. Because he could make a difference at Manchester United and you can see that at Tottenham he helped them win Champions League tickets,” he added.

“They still use the same players. That’s why this manager is a genius. When I moved to Juventus, all the players told me, ‘Patrice, he’s a genius’.

“He’s addicted and passionate about football. So you have to run a lot. He will make you sweat. But when you look at the Tottenham fans, they are very happy. Because I have seen the players give everything, whether they lose or win. That’s the attitude of Antonio Conte.

“That’s why I said it hurt. Not because it’s Tottenham, I love every team, but because Conte could make a difference.”