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“Blowing-rock-paper-scissors” can be called both names. It is a game that everyone has ever played. Because it’s easy to play, doesn’t require any complicated equipment. There are only hands and opponents ready to play with. By blowing this rock-paper-scissors apart from playing for fun and solving boredom. It can also be used to help determine certain games that cannot be won.

rock-paper-scissors Will use hands to make three symbols, such as a fist, which is a hammer, two thumbs up, a dead-fighting symbol instead of scissors, and a hand with five fingers spread out means paper. which the win is Hammer beats scissors, scissors beats paper. and the paper beat the hammer

While how to play, there are steps as follows. Have two players stand facing each other. Then put your hands behind your back. In order not to allow each side to see that the players are thinking of what symbols are issued Some places use a hand-held method and turn it around. Then say Yang Ying Yao, Pakkabao, rock paper scissors. At the end of the sound, they were issued various symbols at the same time, and this was considered the completion of the play of the rock-paper-scissors.


Rock-paper-scissors online gambling games

When rock-paper-scissors are played in the form of online gambling The way of playing is not different from children’s games at all, namely… there are different forms of hands being wagered in order to win as before. In which there are 3 types of hand-made: hammer, paper and scissors. ทางเข้า UFABET

Rules for playing rock-paper-scissors will be divided into 2

  • building your own playroom We can control the cost of betting. You can set your own bets. Our duty is just to choose what to come out and wait for people to play with hammer, scissors, paper. When you click on it, it’s considered the end of the room. Waiting for others to play with
  • playing with others It’s playing with a room that has been built before. The bets are clearly set. Our task is to choose what to issue between scissors, hammer, paper. Once selected, the system will automatically calculate. whether winning a prize or winning a prize

win conditions

  • Hammer: Wins Scissors but loses to Paper.
  • Paper: Beats Hammer but loses to Scissors.
  • Scissors: Beats Paper but loses to Hammer.

If you win, you will get your bet. If losing, all bets will be lost. But if draw, the stake will remain the same.